October 11, 2011

“Người Đương Thời” (“People Today”)

Here’s an interview I did in May 2011 for the program “Người Đương Thời” which roughly translates to “People Today.”

The host, Ms. Bich Loan, likes to interview people whom she believes have interesting ideas.  She likes to surprise her guests and put them in novel situations to observe how they react.  It’s very effective.

We met at Hanoi’s “HR Day” in 2010 and she saw me speak about “Ducks and Eagles.”  I was flattered she invited me as a guest on her program.  The interview is in English, but dubbed in Vietnamese.  I haven’t figured out how to get English subtitles in there yet.

  • Shell

    I like this interview most!

  • agree with Shell. this was the funniest and seemed the most casual and personable. i wish i understood the latter part of the interview more though.

    you should go on a game show chris. like family feud or something of the like. that would be interesting to watch. haha.