December 18, 2011

Brian Tracy, Rock Star

Our team gave Brian a wooden frog as a gift in tribute to his book on time management called "Eat that Frog!"

Last Thursday I met Brian Tracy during his “Double Your Productivity” workshop in Saigon.  It was like meeting a rock star.

Brian is my favorite business and personal improvement guru.  He has a genius for communicating powerful ideas simply and effectively.  He cuts through the clutter to what really matters.

One of my favorite ideas from Brian is his simple and powerful technique to manage time.  It’s actually not about managing time at all.  Instead, it’s about constantly making sure you are prioritizing your activities to support your highest value goals.

“There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing.”

Be clear on your goals.  Then ruthlessly ask yourself “What is the highest value use of my time right now?”  I guarantee that you are wasting a LOT of time on activities that do not support your big goals.  Eliminate or delegate those low value activities.  Doing this alone will massively boost your ability to get things done.

View the video below for Brian’s simple but amazingly effective lesson on prioritization.