March 18, 2012

Potential New Blog Design

Mockup of potential new design.  It’s a work in progress.  Comments welcome!

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  • Very nice design Chris.

  • I like the crispness and minimalism of you banner design. However, the red bar balancing on your head is perhaps distracting. Maybe you should put a little space between your head and the red bar.
    — Mel

    • got it — Thanks Mel.

      • The Northener

        Totally agree with this suggestion. That the red bar cut a small upper part of your head give an uncomfortable feeling. 

        Only that to comment, I thumb up for the design, less is more as always.

        • Yeah I hear you.  Problem is, my head is cut off anyway in the original photo.  Them’s the breaks.

          Less *is* more.

  • I think the focus should be on your face image or your name ..

    The red ribbon seems not make the blog eye catching .

    Just my idea :)

    • Thanks for the feedback Tho.

    • Vietnamese We are often see things very colorful. If your target audiences are Vietnamese, you should consider about what Ms Anh Tho Vu said.For me, I like this design looks very elegant and modest :)

  • Quynh910

    black and white theme is simple.. but i like you with color :) alive, excited, friendly, more you..