May 4, 2012

Best Present Ever

My old team made a video for me as a going-away present. I think their objective was to bring a tear to my eye at my going-away party.

They succeeded spectacularly.

It was the best present ever.

  • HarveyNaples

    Echoing the sentiments of your staff  …  “Because of you Chris,”  I too have a better world!  Robert Frost had a major influence on my adult life, as referenced in the following link:    Dad

    • Hey Dad, I didn’t know you were a Robert Frost fan!  Great poem, and great reading.

      “I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

  • Tho

    Because of you, they are inspired to make great words like that.

    Great hearts make great words. 
    You touch their hearts.
    So proud of you !

    • Thanks Tho!

      You have everything to become an excellent leader. In fact, from what I saw at AIESEC you already are. Looking forward to catching up.

  • Sopheak Thien

    because of you, i like to wear clothes in red. :)

  • Hoang Thai Ha

    Anh Chris, because of you, I have learnt how servant leadership is and how “Đắc Nhân Tâm” leader is. I love the way you treat and inspire us.  We are proud to have you as driver of “The Energy Bus”. Thanks you for all!With loveThai Ha

    • And because of you, Thai Ha, I have learned the power of “Do. Done. And more!!”

      Thank you for inspiring me with your amazing attitude.

      • Hoang Thai Ha

        Thanks anh so much! How are you, anh?  How about your new plan?

  • Bill

    Hi Chris, what an emotional video your staffs had made. I watch it, and almost tears in my eyes, too. I so much admire you. Only great leaders could earn so much respect and gratefulness from their followers, and you have them all. I also feel that all of your staffs had have a great fortune and luck when had been working with you. No doubt, you have helped them archived their dreams. By the way, I am also in process of preparing for launching my small start up in training, and would you mind if some day I come to you for advice? Thanks for setting up this blog and sharing great things. I enjoy reading your blog and have learned a great deal from it. Not just your staffs, you also inspired me. Thanks Chris. All the best. Bill (Buu Le)

    • Hi Bill,

      Sorry for my late reply. Sure, contact me anytime. I learned such an incredible amount about leadership there. Happy to share.

      • Bill

        Hi Chris. Thanks for your reply. I will definitely come to you some day to learn from you. Best regards.

  • Jon

    Chris – I’ve been following your blog entries (both blogs) for a while but never saw this article until now. What a great gift to be given from those you worked with. What a great legacy to leave behind. Sometimes it’s hard to leave one position, move to the next, and then ask oneself, “what impact on the world did I have at the last place?”. Now you are aware of your impact on others in a very tangible way. Although I get a lot from your blog I have to say that this video is really a huge chunk of your resume…and maybe the most valuable part at that. Thanks for all your posts and keep up the great work!