June 4, 2012

Real Sales People Solve Problems

Professional VietnamWorks Girls are ready to solve your problems.

Most people have no idea what real sales people do.

They think that a sales person’s job is to trick or smooth-talk customers into buying something they don’t need or don’t want.  I guess some sales people — poor sales people — do that.  But all REAL sales people do something very different.

They solve problems.

After all, isn’t solving a problem the real reason that any customer buys your product?  A good sales person spends time understanding the customer’s business, problems and needs.  Only after she understands the customer well should she talk about her product and how it will solve the customer’s problem.

Here’s the magic formula all sales people should follow: B + G + P + C(p) + S(b) = Sale.

Here’s what it means.

“B” = Business.  What is the customer’s business?  What are their products?  Who are their customers?  How do they make money?

“G” = Goal.  What are the major goals of the customer in the next six months?  Next year or five years?  Goals could include a revenue goal, a new product goal or a hiring goal.  Anything that is important to the growth and success of the business.

“P” = Problem.  What problems must the customer solve to achieve his goals?

“C(p)” = Cost of Problem.  What is the customer’s cost each week or month of not solving the problem?  This is VERY important for the sales person to understand.

“S(b)” = Solution (best).  SUPER IMPORTANT.  After understanding the customer’s problem and the cost of not solving the customer’s problem, the sales person must show the customer not only that she can solve his problem, but that her product is the best solution to his problem.

Did you notice that price is not part of this formula?  It’s because if the sales person follows the formula correctly then price doesn’t matter.

Once the customer understands the cost of not solving his problem and is convinced that the sales person’s solution is best, the customer will buy if the price is lower than the cost of not solving the problem.  Put another way, if P is less than C(p) then the customer will buy.

The VietnamWorks Girls focus on solving the customer’s problem.  It’s the reason that they’ve been so successful despite VietnamWorks having the highest price in the market.

I’m proud of them!

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