July 2, 2012

There Is No Company

There is no spoon company.

There is no company.

The company is a piece of paper on file in a government office.  It is a figment of our collective imagination.  It does’t exist.

The words you use matter because they control your thoughts.  So I want you to stop using the word “company.”  As in “It’s good for the company” or “Is she a fit with the company?”

Instead I want you to begin using the word “team” to replace the word “company.”  As in “It’s good for the team” or “Is she a fit with the team?”  It’s more real, more personal.

“Team” means people.  People are the company.  People are what really matters.  People will work together with you to make something great.

The business of business is people.

There is no company.

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