September 23, 2012

Power Negotiation Workshop

When you’re good, word has a way of getting around.

Apollo English heard about my Power Negotiation course and asked me to teach a two-hour workshop for them.  It’s called “Power Negotiation — Winning More in Business and in Life” and will be held in October in Saigon.

Apollo is sponsoring so the price is a very low 100,000 VND.  I guarantee if you follow just one of the seven principles I’ll teach during the workshop you’ll win more in business and in life.  Why not try it?

Limited seats available.  Click on the picture above and sign up today!

Want to know what others think?  See feedback from students of my full Power Negotiation course here.

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  • Trinh Ho

    I believe that I will learn a lot of meaningful lessons at your class. See you in October.

  • Hi Chris,

    Just have good time to enjoy a good movie

    ‘GAMEBIT’ by Cameron Diaz and Alan Rick Man

    Always ask more than you expect – good practice by Cameron

    Reluctance Buyer – so powerful game bit present by Alan

    A good script and so humor

    And thank for your lession

    Trương Dụ Cẩm