December 5, 2012

What It’s All About

A few days ago I received an email from a friend and regular reader of this website, Tho.  She just graduated from university and is in her first leadership position.

Tho’s email made my day and reminded me why I started this website.

Dear Chris,

I’m writing this to update you how I am and I’m writing this email in happiness :)

Thank you for teach me that ” If you tolerate poor performers often the great performers will leave you. ”

Actually right after getting that feedback from you, I actually had problem with one of my best performers in the team simply because the way I treat bad performer cannot satisfy her. I really learn from what you teach about constant feedback and focus on good performer.

After last 1 month dealing with good performer and bad performer, now my good performer is back with me.  I’m more confident with what we are doing and know what to do next with low performer.

Just to let you know what I’m enjoying this leadership experience and really learn from your sharing, blogs..

Thank you for being good mentor and role model.



Thanks Tho.  I know you are well on your way to becoming a servant leader who will spread excellence and improve lives.  I’m proud of you!

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