May 30, 2013

I Want YOU for SALES!

Do YOU have what it takes to join a great team?

Do YOU have what it takes to join a great team?

Are you a sales and customer-oriented person from 26-32 years old with a passion for helping others and a desire to be the best?

If so, I want YOU!

I’m looking for a leader of the Saigon Customer Value Team at ITviec.  Ideal candidates have several years of sales or customer management experience, an eagerness to learn and a desire to become one of the most highly trained salespeople in Vietnam.

I will train you to be the best.

You will learn the secrets of building relationships with customers, leadership, communicating with clarity and providing such amazing service that customers tell all their friends about you.

This job will not be easy.  But I can guarantee it will be rewarding and you will learn a TON.  Two years in this position at ITviec is like an advanced education in Sales.  You will be ready for a big step up in your career.

What are you waiting for?  Fortune favors the bold!  Apply today by sending your CV and cover letter to chris[at]

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