About Me

I’m Chris Forrest Harvey. My goal for this site is to help people become inspiring leaders and to achieve amazing things.

I had my first management experience in 2004 when I left Yahoo! to join AOL.com and built a small team. Then in 2006 I moved to Vietnam and joined an online jobs company as CEO. Suddenly I found myself in charge of nearly 100 people in another culture. It was a big challenge. I made a lot of mistakes. But with each mistake I learned. I begin reading books about famous leaders and their companies. I tried out new things and kept those that fit my style and worked for me.

I’m proud that today my old company is not only the largest and most profitable online jobs company in Vietnam, but it also has a reputation as being one of the best places to work.  I’ve since founded another online jobs company, ITviec.  ITviec is a place where companies and skilled IT and technology people can meet to build great products.

My experiences have taught me that leadership is a human discipline. It’s all about connecting with people — with their hopes, dreams, emotions and desire for achievement. The principles of sound leadership and making things happen are universal across cultures.

I encourage you to post your own comments and learnings on my site.