Getting Things Done

April 25, 2012

I have Met the Enemy…and He is Us

It’s been three weeks since I’ve started my new adventure.

I’ve been investigating some business ideas.  And I’ve been enjoying a little downtime.

One new learning has emerged very quickly — the biggest challenge to making things happen is yourself.

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December 21, 2011

Most Useful App Ever

Yesterday I discovered the most useful app EVER.

It’s called CardMunch.

Use it on your iPhone to take photos of business cards.  The CardMunch app automatically will transcribe the card and link to the contact’s LinkedIn profile.  You can save the contact info to your iPhone or forward the .vcf file to your Gmail.  You also can invite the contact to connect on LinkedIn.  The transcription is remarkably accurate.

I spent over an hour yesterday sorting and photographing the pile of old business cards sitting in my drawer.  Now they’re all on my phone and searchable, with additional data from LinkedIn for contacts who have LinkedIn accounts.  Super, super useful.

December 18, 2011

Brian Tracy, Rock Star

Our team gave Brian a wooden frog as a gift in tribute to his book on time management called "Eat that Frog!"

Last Thursday I met Brian Tracy during his “Double Your Productivity” workshop in Saigon.  It was like meeting a rock star.

Brian is my favorite business and personal improvement guru.  He has a genius for communicating powerful ideas simply and effectively.  He cuts through the clutter to what really matters.

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