Connor Nguyen – Sportsman Entrepreneur

Connor Nguyen

The second guest in my Vietnam Business Leader series, Connor Nguyen, is blazing new trails in sports training and professional sports in Vietnam.

Originally born in Vietnam and growing up in Kansas USA, Connor has a long history as a sportsman and coach.  He is a certified “Pro 1” by the US Professional Tennis Association, the highest testable tennis coach certification level in the USA.

Connor moved to Vietnam in [2007] and founded the Saigon Sports Academy, Saigon’s first multi-sports training school that teaching tennis, soccer, basketball, swimming and chess.  He also is one of the co-founders of the Saigon Heat, Vietnam’s first ever professional basketball team and part of Air Asia’s ASEAN Basketball League.  The Saigon Heat will have their first game in January 2012.

I caught up with Connor over hamburgers recently.