November 15, 2012

Vinnie Lauria — Bridging Silicon Valley and Asia

“It’s totally okay to fail. Most entrepreneurs have at least one failure behind them. But they keep moving forward.

Vinnie Lauria
Golden Gate Ventures

Golden Gate Ventures is a Singapore-based early-stage investor in technology companies across Southeast Asia.  Silicon Valley veterans, their vision is to advance and deepen the ties between the Silicon Valley and and Southeast Asia entrepreneurial technology communities.

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November 9, 2012

Advice From 25 Entrepreneurs

Learning from your own mistakes is great.  Learning from other people’s mistakes is even better.

Today I stumbled across an article on David Hauser’s entrepreneurship website titled 25 Entrepreneurs Tell What They’d Wish They’d Known Before They Founding Their First Startup.  It’s excellent.  One of the best bits, below:

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November 4, 2012

Do You Want To Work With Chris F Harvey?

Do YOU have what it takes to be part of a great team?

Many of you know that I’m working on a business idea.

Early next year I’ll be looking to hire positive, hungry young people who have a passion for the Internet and bringing better things into the world.

Could that be you?

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November 1, 2012

Yet More Leadership Books You Should Read

“I cannot live without books.”
– Thomas Jefferson

More outstanding leadership books that have influenced me.

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October 29, 2012

Christa Foley — Secrets of Zappos Culture

“If you have a culture that creates an environment where employees can be themselves, where they’re encouraged and inspired to grow, to be creative, to always be learning, you’re going to attract top talent. You’re going to have a lower turnover. You’re going to have inspired and happy employees.”

Christa Foley
Senior Human Resources Manager at is famous for having a unique culture that inspires uncommon loyalty and spirit among team members.  I spoke to Christa about what culture means and how Zappos Culture has helped to make Zappos one of the most successful online retailers in the world.

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October 24, 2012

Special Offer for Brian Tracy Seminar in Saigon

Meeting Brian Tracy during his Saigon seminar in 2011.

I’m a big fan of business gurus such as Zig Ziglar, John C. Maxwell and Brian Tracy.  I’ve learned a lot of incredible things from them.  Now you can learn directly from Brian Tracy in Saigon!

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October 21, 2012

Leadership Minute — Hire Someone Into Their Next Job

Today I’m introducing a new feature, the “Leadership Minute.”  Each Leadership Minute will contain a short learning from my leadership experience.  I hope they add value to each of you! Continue reading →

October 11, 2012

Leaders Push Reality

Leaders Push

The Wall of Reality

In the last two posts “The Reality Principle” and “Focus On The Winning Idea” I wrote about the importance of seeing reality clearly.

This post is about how leaders can push reality to achieve great things.

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October 8, 2012

Focus On The Winning Idea — Kill All The Others

Focus On The Winning Idea -- Kill All The Others

Focus Winning IdeaIn the last post I wrote about The Reality Principle — how success depends on seeing and accepting reality for what it is, then making decisions based on reality instead of your own wishful thinking.   If you do not see reality clearly, reality automatically will work against you and bring pain.

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October 3, 2012

The Reality Principle

I have learned through trial and error that the ability to see reality clearly makes all the difference in achieving desirable outcomes in life.  I call this “The Reality Principle.”

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